The Law Office of Tyler St. Cyr - Company Message

The Law Office of Tyler St Cyr- A Vermont Education Attorney,   Schools can be difficult organizations to navigate in situations where a disagreement has arisen between parent(s) and the school.   In these situations, it can be helpful to have an attorney explain your rights and also explain what the school's responsibilities are.   Additionally, having an attorney by your side when dealing with a serious disagreement with your child’s school can be a key factor in helping your student get his/her educational needs met. 


Full Spectrum Legal Representation
  • Representing individuals at Education Due Process Hearings
  • Representing parents at school special education and 504 Plan meetings
  • Representing individuals at school discplinary hearings
  • Drafting and filing complaints with the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights
  • Representing a student's interests in school negligence cases
  • Representing parents in cases where a school district has refused to pay for an Independent Education Evaluation
  • Representing parents in cases where a school has changed a student's placement without using the special education decision making process

Limited Legal Representation
In some cases, parents may feel that they only need limited help from an attorney, rather than legal representation that includes fully litigating a case.  This may include an attorney:
  • Researching and writing a legal memorandum of an issue
  • Providing training on how to draft and file a complaint with the Vermont Department of Education
  • Writing a letter on a parent's behalf to a school
  • Providing training on how to prepare for a Due Process Hearing with the Vermont Department of Education
  • In some cases where a student is attending a school that has not made Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), the school may be required to pay for private tutoring at the parent's request.  For more information about whether your student is eligible call our office. 

Group Seminars
I will also conduct free community education seminars about issues related to student advocacy and the law, upon request, for confirmed groups of 5 or more people.  

There is no charge for the first consultation.  Beyond this, our goal is to provide affordable legal services to Vermonters. Also, in some instances the law allows for parents to recover attorneys fees where they have prevailed against a school district.  Additionally, in some circumstances I will offer a reduced fee/retainer where I feel the case will significantly benefit a social justice cause.