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Vermont Speeding Ticket

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Vermont Traffic Ticket Litigator

Tyler St. Cyr is not only an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney, but he is also a former police officer.  This means he is used to dealing with law enforcement and  has an insider's understanding of how to fight tickets. 

Whether you are an out of state licensed driver or a Vermont licensed driver, getting a traffic ticket in Vermont can add points to your driving record and may result in increased insurance fees.  Before you decide to pay your ticket, hire a traffic ticket attorney.   Don't let a mistake behind the wheel follow you for years to come.

Tyler has successfully litigated many types of Vermont Traffic Complaints, including: 

-Speeding Tickets
-CDL Tickets
-False Log Book Violations
-Red Light Violations
-Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle 
-Misuse of Dealer Plates
-Texting while driving
-Re-opening default judgments issued in Traffic Court. 
-Taxi Licensing Hearings