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Special Education Issues
Full Spectrum Legal Representation
  • Representing individuals at Due Process Hearings
  • Representing individuals at school disciplinary  hearings
  • Drafting and filing complaints with the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights
  • Representing a student's interests in school negligence cases
  • Representing parents in cases where a school district has refused to pay for an Independent Education Evaluation
  • Representing parents in cases where a school has changed a student's placement without using the special education decision making process

Limited Legal Representation
In some cases, parents may feel that they only need limited help from a Vermont Special Education Attorney, rather than legal representation that includes fully litigating a case.  This may include:
  • Researching and writing a legal memorandum of an issue
  • Providing training on how to draft and file a complaint with the Vermont Department of Education
  • Writing a letter on a parent's behalf to a school

College and University Discipline Hearings
If you have been accused of violating your institutions student conduct or academic codes, don't go into a hearing without having talked with a Vermont Education Attorney. For a successful outcome, it is essential that you understand what your rights are, as well as having the opportunity to present your best defense.  Speak to an Education Attorney if:
  • You received notice of a disciplinary charge
  • You were accused of plagiarism
  • Your dorm room was searched
  • You were accused of cheating
  • You have been accused of violating your school's drug/alcohol policy
  • Stalking and Cyber Stalking issues