The Law Office of Tyler St. Cyr - Company Message

11/2016- "Tyler provided a fast, efficient, and friendly service throughout the whole 3 months period ending in court hearing,explaining what was happening at each stage and he achieved an amazing outcome for me"

10/2016-"I can't thank Tyler St Cyr enough for fighting for me from beginning to end. He is a true advocate for his clients. He worked countless hours researching and discussing my case until the case was completed. I know my case ended in my favor because Tyler was my lawyer representing me."

09/2016-"Tyler, thank you very much for your services. You knew the law very well and were able to go toe to toe with the officer and I was impressed how you went step by step by the gameplan, just as you said you would, and you were able to achieve an outcome that I was very satisfied with. I am not confident that I could have achieved the same outcome on my own."

09/2016-"Thank you for all the help with my ticket. I am extremely excited that it worked out the way that it did. You really helped me out and I am more than satisfied with your work."
08/2016-"I needed some legal support recently to tackle a very unfairly written traffic ticket that I decided to deny. I was advised to get an attorney ... Upon talking to a few, I felt confident with Mr St. Cyr's approach and how the whole thing played out proved me right with my choice. He was knowledgeable, system savvy, communicative, meticulous, prepared for the worst case scenario and most importantly very supportive and calming with his approach. We successfully turned around the case!"

07/2016- “I was impressed by Tyler’s total command of each and every nuance of the applicable laws and procedures. He had a gameplan (with backup variations!) for each phase of the process that was designed to lead to my desired outcome, or as close as possible if that outcome could not be accomplished. He is a clear and effective communicator, and importantly is highly amiable ..."

06/2016- “Dear Mr. Tyler, Thank you so much!!!!! I think you did impossible, and I am very grateful--I had no hope at all for the good outcome...”
06/2016- “Tyler is great lawyer, I am so lucky to have him on my side. He is very professional, patient and thorough with details. Highly recommended!!”
02/2016- “Wow! Thank You so much.  I am extremely impressed by your actions as the mediator in my foreclosure case.    Your mediation techniques and skills led to an amicable agreement between me and the Bank…” [certain parts of this letter have been redacted]

05/2015- “I retained Tyler St. Cyr …to help me with an unfortunate legal matter which was unjustly served. Tyler listened to my predicament, questioned me appropriately and efficiently and was swift in his course of action. At no time did I ever feel any pressure in the decision making process- he made it clear from the beginning what the possible outcomes could be and what the financial cost would be upfront.

Tyler was empathetic but objective, unwavering and insightful. …He was always available for communication and kept me abreast of any and all findings from the suit.” [certain parts of this letter have been redacted]